Why do we merge web design with development? it is quite simple for fresh business owners starting to search for the designers many of them having lack of knowledge put their ad while saying we can design and develop a marvelous website for your company now this is the main disturbing key points for every one as this matter a lot what we read and what is we creating an image in our mind. Some commnong questions that comes in every other person's mind are 

  • I am hiring a developer will he develop my website along with design?
  • I hired a developer why is he not designing a layout for me ?
  • Do I need designer and developer separately for my website?

Now these are the main questions and every other person's have their own point of view and what they think as there are still a lot of questions that have been asked. Let's clear your mind and giving you a clear concept about it

Definition Of Web Design:

Web Design is the most common term for professionals in this industry. Oftentimes, when people say they are a "web designer," they refer to a very broad set of skills—one of which is visual design.

The "design" part of this equation deals with the customer-facing or front-end part of the website. A web designer is concerned with how a site looks and how the customers interact with it (they are sometimes also referred to as user experience designers or UX designers).

Good web designers use the principles of design to create a site that looks great. They also understand web usability and how to create sites that are user-friendly. Their designs encourage interactivity because it’s so easy and intuitive to do so. Designers do much more than make a site "look pretty." They truly dictate the usability of a website's interface.

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Definition Of Web Development:

Web Development comes in two flavors: Front-end development and back-end development. Some of the skills in these two flavors overlap, but they do have very different purposes in the web design profession.

A front-end developer takes the visual design of a website (whether they created that design or it was handed to them by a visual designer) and builds it in code. A front-end developer uses HTML for the structure of the site, CSS to dictate the visual styles and layout, and perhaps even some Javascript. For some small sites, front-end development may be the only kind of development that is needed for that project. For more complex projects, "back-end" development will come into play.

Back-end development deals with more advanced programming and interactions on web pages. A back-end web developer focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it using certain functionality. This skillset could include working with code that interfaces with a database or creating features like E-commerce shopping carts that connect to online payment processors and more.

Good web developers may know how to program CGI and scripts like PHP. They also understand how web forms work and how different software packages and application programming interfaces connect those different kinds of software to create solutions that meet a specific customer's needs. Back-end web developers may also be required to create new functionality from scratch if there are no existing software tools or packages that can be leveraged to meet their clients' needs.

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Difference Between Web Design And Web Development:

So now as we are more clear about what is web design and what exactly is web development let us see what is the main difference between both of them to make things more clear. so the web design is where the main structure visually comes in front where as development is to convert the visual design to a working UI in short convert a still picture to an editable layout where we can add animations movies creating effects etc. As every one knows no animation or working live effects can be added to a simple image. Imagine like this we took an image of a person standing still and you can no more see him breathing smiling blinking his eyes this is a clear example of a Web Design. When we see that person walking talking to you breathing blinking his eyes that is a real example of Web Development

What Tools Does A Web designer uses:

There are many tools available in the market to be used by a web designer to design a complete layout mainly he can use a pen and paper but this is not enough as he can only design a blue print or a sketch which you can't even send to a client. The main tools used by a web designer and are very common these days

1) Figma
2) Adobe Photoshop
3) Axure
4) Adobe XD
5) Sketch
6) Adobe Illustrator

What Tools Does A Web developer uses:

For developing a design it depends firstly on client what exactly is he looking for a developer can develop the website using many tools if it is an eCommerce website then there are different ways to develop and if it is a website that includes blogs as well then it is being developed via Wordpress  which is very popular and easily being used by a developer as well as a non technical guy.

Languages used to develop a website:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. jQuery
  5. AngularJs
  6. ReactJs
  7. VanilaJs
  8. VueJs

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